Studio Guidelines

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1. Students should come atleast 15 minutes before their scheduled class. No late comers are allowed to enter as courtesy for other students and teachers.
2. First timers of the studio are required to sign the waiver form and should be given to the instructor of the class he/she is attending.
3. Aerial Students  below 18 years old are required to have a guardian or parent on their first day to sign in the parental/guardian form and waiver. Minimum age for Aerial classes is 15.
4. Yoga students are required to bring their own mats for hygiene purposes. Mats will be available for rental for those who do not have one, just inquire at the reception.
5. Please follow the required attire for your classes:
     a. Yoga- yoga pants/shorts/t-shirt/tank tops/barefoot
     b. Zumba - any comfortable sports wear and rubber shoes
     c.  Pole - pole/hot yoga shorts/bikini/tank tops/leg warmers (optional)/barefoot or heels as required. No t-shirts or long sleeves

     d. Aerial Hoops/Silks - cotton leggings, sports pants, top with sleeves.
6. Mobile Phones/Cameras - students are discouraged to use their mobile phones during classes and in emergency/urgent situation, should inform instructor to take the call and step out of class. Picture and video taking will be done during the latter portion of the class or when your instructor informs you so to prevent any disruptions or accidents during class.
7. First aid kits and Emergency numbers are provided in the reception area. Fire exits will also be oriented to all students.
8. We encourage "Clean as you go"(CLAYGO) policy in the studio. Students are encouraged to wipe their equipment/mats/etc with alcohol and cloth provided in the studio. We expect each students to throw their trash in the designated bins before the class ends.
9. Students waiting on their class should maintain proper decorum ensuring no disruptions when other classes are in session.
10.There will be a feedback session after every class to answer any questions or queries of students.